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KCUC Has Been Designated a UroLIFT Center of Excellence. 


Dr. Gerald Park receiving his COE recognition.

Dr. Gerald Park receiving his COE recognition.

KCUC has been designated a UroLIFT Center of Excellence by Teleflex. The designation recognizes the KCUC team, specifically doctors Jason Anast, MD, Susan Sweat, MD, and Gerald Park, MD, for their expertise with UroLIFT® Therapy and sincere commitment to changing the lives of patients suffering from BPH (enlarged prostate).

What Is a UroLIFT Center of Excellence?

The UroLIFT® Center of Excellence program recognizes highly trained and experienced physicians and clinical teams who are committed to patient education and providing exemplary care to achieve optimal clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Good News for BPH Patients

There’s good news for men with enlarged prostates (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH). The prostate, a walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urethra (the tube used to urinate) continues to grow as men age. Eventually, it restricts urine flow through the urethra. The UroLIFT procedure moves the prostate tissue away from the urethra to allow urine to flow freely. The really good news is that UroLIFT avoids erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction.

How UroLIFT Therapy Works

With UroLIFT, permanent implants hold the prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra – much the same way tiebacks hold window curtains back – so urine can now flow freely. This non-surgical procedure requires no cutting, heating, or tissue removal. It’s a simple mechanical answer to a mechanical problem. Get more details in this video explanation. The procedure is best for those with moderate-sized prostate glands. It is less well-suited to those with very large glands, small glands, or median lobes (prostate extension into the bladder).

Compassionate Care

At KCUC, we’re dedicated to bringing the latest in medicine to Kansas City. But while we place a high priority on the technologies we employ, we place just as much emphasis on providing personal and compassionate care. This holistic approach values patients’ emotional and physical well-being equally, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment throughout treatment. With our state-of-the-art technology, dedicated team of professionals, and patient-centered focus, we are setting new standards for patient care.

If you suffer from symptoms related to BPH, make an appointment with one of our experts. We have over 30 locations throughout Kansas and Missouri, so there’s sure to be one close to you. At KCUC, you see the best in KC.