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KCUC and Kansas City Proton Institute featured in Healthy Kansas City Magazine

Proton Therapy

KCUC and Kansas City Proton Institute were recently featured in Healthy Kansas City Magazine.

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This article highlighting how KCUC and Kansas City Proton Institute have revolutionized cancer care with cutting edge technology in an office setting features radiation oncologists Kenon Qamar, MD, James Coster, MD, and Mark Thompson, MD.

“’If the cost was not a barrier, most patients would choose proton therapy for localized tumors,’ explained Kenon Qamar, MD. ‘Until very recently, most hospitals were not able to offer the treatment because the equipment required a massive space and financial commitment. Now, with the advancement in proton therapy technology, the systems are much smaller and much less costly to build and operate. This makes the treatment far more accessible and affordable for patients.’… ‘While the use of proton therapy is becoming more prevalent, the gap between the number of patients who receive it versus those that can benefit is still significant. Our goal is to narrow that gap as much as possible in our area,’ furthered Kenon Qamar, MD.”

Featured in Healthy Kansas City Magazine, March/April 2024

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