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Prostate Cancer Second Opinion


A cancer diagnosis of any kind is frightening and unsettling. You want to be sure about the diagnosis and you want the best care possible. You will want to get a second opinion. Don’t worry about offending your doctor or being overly cautious. This is about your health. Getting a second opinion is a good idea. When it comes to where to go, that depends on the type of cancer you have. You want to find doctors who specialize in your condition. That’s why we encourage men diagnosed with prostate cancer to come to KCUC Urology and Oncology.

Why Get a Second Opinion?

Second opinions are highly encouraged throughout the medical field – especially for cancer. Pursuing a second opinion can validate your current diagnosis. In fact, most diagnosing physicians should, and do, recommend a second opinion to confirm treatment options. At KCUC, we’re making it as easy as possible to get the peace of mind that a second opinion provides.

Why KCUC for a Prostate Cancer Second Opinion?

No matter what type of cancer you have been diagnosed with, you want to have specialists in that type of cancer. At KCUC, we see, diagnose and treat more prostate cancer in the greater Kansas City area than any other group or hospital. We are at the leading edge of prostate cancer treatment. Here are a few good reasons to make KCUC your first choice for a second opinion:

  • We pioneered robotic prostatectomy in Kansas City, and to date our urologists have performed thousands of cases
  • We are the only non-hospital-based radiation treatment facility in the greater Kansas City area and that allows us to treat you faster and at a lower cost
  • With over 20 office locations in Kansas and Missouri, you’ll be able to find world-class care close to home
  • We diagnose and treat the most prostate cancer patients in the region
  • We have world-class physicians

We would be happy to have our multidisciplinary team (urologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist) visit with you and your family regarding your cancer diagnosis.

What to Bring to a Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Appointment

We want your visit to be as educational and helpful as possible. To help us provide as much feedback as we can, please be prepared to send us the following records to help expedite your visit:

  • Pathology report diagnosing your cancer
  • Previous notes from your urologist (if possible)
  • Recent PSA lab reports
  • Any applicable radiology reports and scans (x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, PET/CTs, CTs)

If you decide that you would like to make an appointment for a second opinion, please call us at 1-816-PCA-KCUC (1-816-722-5282). We will help you gain a better understanding of your diagnosis and explain all of your prostate cancer treatment options. If you decide to receive treatment with us, we offer many options and our caring staff will help you decide which one is right for you.