Be Assured in Your Treatment Options

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure about which treatment option is best for you. It can be a complicated decision with so many options available to you, each with its own risks and considerations.

Pursuing a second opinion can be an essential step in validating your current diagnosis and/or treatment options. We’re making it as easy as possible to get that peace of mind a second opinion provides patients.


  • we see, diagnosis and treat more prostate cancer in the greater Kansas City area than any other group or hospital,
  • we pioneered robotic prostatectomy in Kansas City, and to date our urologists have performed thousands of cases, and
  • we are the only non-hospital-based radiation treating facility in the greater Kansas City area that allows us to treat faster and at a lower cost.

We would be happy to have our multi-disciplinary team (urologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist) visit with you and your family regarding your cancer diagnosis.

If you decide that you would like to start this process, please complete the form below and submit or give us a call at 1-816-PCA-KCUC (1-816-722-5282). We will work on scheduling you for either a live visit or a virtual visit to help you gain a better understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options.

Please be prepared to send us the following records to help expedite your visit:

  • Path report diagnosing your cancer
  • Previous notes from your urologist (if possible)
  • Recent PSA lab reports
  • Any applicable radiology reports and scans (x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, PET/CTs, CTs)