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3 Advantages of Outpatient Urology & Oncology Care at KCUC


If you could get the same level of care with more convenience and a better price, why wouldn’t you? Besides excellent care, KCUC provides three major advantages that hospital-based centers can’t –  personalized care at a convenient location with cost savings to boot. Learn about these 3 advantages of outpatient urology & oncology care.

Outpatient Vs. Hospital-Based Care

First, let’s talk about quality of care. When it comes to urology and oncology treatments, no one provides better care than KCUC. Our slogan “KCUC – Where you see the best in KC” is based on our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We have been offering state-of-the-art care since our inception. Since 1999 KCUC has been Kansas City’s premier provider for urology care. We were the first urology practice in Kansas City to perform robotic prostate surgery. In 2006, we began providing radiation therapy as well. We were the first to provide PROVENGE cellular immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer as well as many new treatments, techniques, and the latest technology. We continue to be the leader in our field with the top physicians in the city. Our patients have access to the most advanced radiation therapy technology available. And, the icing on the cake is our brand new Kansas City Proton Institute (KCPI) which will be the first and only outpatient proton therapy center in the state.

1. Personalized Care

One of the biggest advantages of outpatient urology and oncology care is that our patients won’t get lost in the system. Because we have many smaller locations around the KC Metro area, our patients receive more personalized care. Instead of a large, sometimes confusing hospital setting with multiple people and places to go for care, our convenient locations keep things simple, easy-to-navigate, and more personal. We are proud of the warmth and compassion that our doctors and staff provide.

2. Convenience

Because we offer outpatient urology and oncology care, we can offer several advantages over hospital-based care facilities. One of the biggest benefits is convenience. We have 26 locations throughout the Kansas City metro area which means that you don’t have to drive downtown for your urology or cancer treatments. Just find the office closest to you. No fighting traffic, no huge parking garages to navigate, no guessing which building you’re supposed to be in… no extra stress. When you’re fighting cancer, the last thing you need is more stress. Plus, you’ll spend less time away from the comforts of home and the people in your support system.

3. Cost Advantage

Cost is another consideration that many patients don’t think about. Simply put, outpatient oncology programs like ours cost less than hospital-based programs. Why? Hospital-based radiation oncology programs are allowed, by insurers and Medicare, to charge higher rates and facility fees than non-hospital-based programs for the same treatment. Because cancer care is not usually something that is “shopped” for or price compared, most patients have no idea that there is a difference in price for the care they receive. Hospital-based radiation therapy is usually 20-40% higher (even more if it is an NCI-designated cancer center). It’s perfectly legal. It’s just the way the system works. Cancer care is expensive and if you have a deductible, choosing outpatient care can result in savings of thousands of dollars.

In summary, by visiting any one of our 26 Kansas City metro KCUC locations, you can stay close to home, get the highest quality care, spend less time traveling downtown, AND it will cost you less! You have choices when it comes to excellent cancer care, so choose carefully.

At KCUC, we offer the latest and best treatments for cancer. Our network of 26 office locations in Kansas and Missouri gives our patients easy access to our team of 33 top urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologist, pathologists, and 18 advanced practice providers. We are dedicated to personalized care. To learn about your treatment options, contact one of our 26 locations in Kansas and Missouri.